bridal power

watched two movies in a row today with a friend: "kill bill vol. 2" and "king arthur."

the final cut (pun intended) to the bride's vengeful mission does justice to the title, but with less slashing hattori hanzo sword action. what's crazier than the crazy 88's in the first movie is the film's soundtrack itself, especially in the scenes where beatrix is trained by pai mei. that part so reminded me of old jackie chan and kung fu flicks. beatrix is reunited with her daughter, and she learns straight from bill that it was a fit of jealous rage which drove him to kill her in the past. thanks to pai mei's "five-point-something-something-heart-explosion" technique, beatrix didn't even have to use her sword to kill bill.

i never got to write about the first volume, but i have to say my favorite villain is gogo yubari--that japanese schoolgirl with a metal spiked-ball in chains. because of this movie i was inspired to cut my own bangs...hehehe.

watched "king arthur" primarily for clive owen. lancelot didn't look so hot. i mean, keira knightley was more "knightly" than he was, especially in that warrior face paint she wore. hehe. raaaaahh!

my recent DVD viewings were:
-13 going on 30: check out jennifer garner dancing to michael jackson's "thriller"!
-50 first dates: drew barrymore plays the human counterpart of finding nemo's dory wooed by adam sandler every single day. rob schneider is funny as ever.
-school of rock: you can never be too young to try out for tenacious d. hehe.

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