watched "imelda", that documentary on the most influential and enigmatic first lady this country has ever seen. its public showing here was initially prohibited by a temporary restraining order sought by mrs. marcos herself, on the ground that said film was pure "hearsay", and that she was made to believe that the interviews she gave were solely for a college thesis by a film student. this former film student, ramona s. diaz, turned it into an hour and 45 minutes of documentary film filled with carefully chosen historic footages and other interviews.

"imelda" won the award for best cinematography in this year's sundance film festival, arousing the interest of the filipinos to watch this controversial work.

by withdrawing her case against the producers of said film, it was eventually released in the theaters.

aside from her three thousand pairs of shoes, she tries to awe people with her own set of philosophical doctrines on everything from love to the apple computer. i kid you not, she even has drawings to illustrate her theories which amused me more than it amazed me.

but more note-worthy are the "off-camera" parts of her interview showing her lavish application of face powder with her personalized compact, and her instructing her driver to hand out ready-made pictures of herself to bystanders near her luxurious coaster. one can only say, how truly "imeldific."

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