along came spidey

"highspeed internet" through a prepaid internet card is rendered illusory by an excruciatingly slow computer in dire need of reformatting. reformatting is hindered by a defective floppy disk drive in dire need of being adjusted from within the CPU, which entails using a screw driver and unhooking of cables. *sigh* not that i can't do the things abovementioned, it's just that it's too...complicated and time-consuming.

watched "spiderman 2" yesterday. lots of falling off from buildings because of defective spiderweb-shooting wrist. one would be tempted to think that the webs come from his costume, hehe. my friend, however, is more intrigued by how peter parker changes to his spidey costume. she's probably bothered by the idea that peter wears the suit underneath his casual clothing at all times...hehe.

my new DVD purchases from quiapo are the following:
-13 going on 30
-50 first dates
-school of rock
-mr. bean the animated series

notice that my selection is mostly on comedy. at this point in my life, i need to laugh! hehe.

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