feel like "eating out"?

this movie by q. (what does it stand for, i wonder? i hope it's not "quentin"...)allan brocka is a funny story of a straight yet gay-looking hunk of a man named caleb who finds himself in a very homosexually tight situation with a cute twink (where do i learn these gay terms? haha!) named marc, all in the name of getting laid with a gay-loving girl best friend of the aforementioned twink. it's the kinkiest phone sex scenario involving three people. the script is racy and hilarious, and the boys are so...yummy! (i want marc for a boy toy!)haha. i must give way to the director's own description of his movie (from the puffta.co.uk website):

EATING OUT is a film about how far boys will go to get laid, gay or straight. It's a story close to my heart. It’s the college-popcorn-fluff comedy I always eagerly consumed, but never saw myself represented in. It’s my fantasy and guilty pleasure movie. It's my bust-a- gutt-laughing and drool-over-the-boys movie. It’s my date movie. Above all, it's another voice shouting out that queer youth have the same awkward, mushy, horny, romantic, lonely, funny, crazy, fucked-up friendships, fantasies, and romances as anyone else.

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