hope floats

if anybody ever visits this site purposefully to actually read it, and not just by google accident, then such person(s) would notice that i have been gone for a while. for those who did miss me, thanks. i have the courage now to say for a fact that i went through a moment of grieving.

nobody died, it was a phase of failure for me. but i guess i'm still blessed because i still have a second chance. and although it still hurts inside, one should not wallow in misery but look forward with hope.

concurrently with that period of misery, i obtained this deck of fairy tarot cards designed by brian froud. bought it on ebay. i was having this silly idea of putting up a tarot-reading table at the boardwalk in atlantic city and do readings for $5, with a fat alley cat to keep me company. haha.

also in that precise moment of my tragedy, i was recognized at the store as "hero of the day", because of this customer commendation i got from an old lady i helped with buying a wallet. she was so pleased that i was nice to her that she insisted that she tell my manager about it.

we also had TFC installed in our home, and my mom is enjoying the old tagalog movies being shown. recently we went to jersey city, a first visit for me, and we ate at this filipino restaurant which looks like your usual carinderia in the philippines, that is, you get to choose which "combo meal" you want. i ate kalderetang kambing (goat meat stew), much to my sister's disgust. i figured i should eat something which i don't get to eat often, even in the philippines.

there's this street in jersey city which is lined with indian shops, and it truly reminds you of busy quiapo. speaking of quiapo, there's also this small filipino restaurant called "little quiapo". it's like little new delhi in that street i'm talking about, with shops displaying posters of stars from bollywood.

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