my aunt had "the filipino channel" (TFC) installed in their house recently. the package comes with this receiver which looks like a small VCR, and there are three filipino channels carrying news programs, tagalog movies and sitcoms, one radio channel, and the rest are mere add-ons (specifically one chinese channel, and two arabian channels).

i was able to watch an episode of magandang gabi bayan recently and it showed this filipino version of "american idol" called "star circle quest." the difference is that it comes in two categories: one for kids and another for teens. yet another difference is that the aspirants are not only made to sing, they are made to dance, act, and in the teen category, even go on these survivor-type challenges. huh?!?

the dance-act-song routine reminds me of initiation rites at my sorority. hehe.

what i don't understand is why a group of kids can be voted out just because of the color of the pillows they choose. yes, you read that right, pillows. since it was this psychologist lady who announced to each group whether they were still in or out of the competition, i had thought there was some psychological explanation as to the color of the pillows they chose. but there wasn't. so the unfortunate kids who chose yellow burst into tears when they were told they're "out."

but, why? i thought this was supposed to be a talent show. how confusing.

and uhm, boy abunda as the simon cowell of the philippines? ehehe.........

camfone images!

here's what the snails look like at hopkee in chinatown, new york:

and here's the rabbit from alice in wonderland...he's on display in front of the macy's store at the mall, not to be confused with the easter bunny. his head moves, by the way.

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