haagen daz!

and so the word is out among my associates at handbags, as well as my manager, that i'm resigning. one of my co-workers told me she's going to miss having me around because i'm a "good worker". in fact, she doesn't want anybody else to replace me. she doesn't want "outsiders", that is, people from other departments hanging around our area of responsibility. my manager said she knew that i was "too good to be true."

my co-worker treated me to a chocolate haagen daz ice cream which i consumed in about 5 minutes. it was exactly what i needed because it was so warm outside the mall as well as inside the store itself! people actually walk around in t-shirts and flipflops and shorts now.

this young, dark-haired guy with glasses i always see during weekends over at shoes came up to me to have a sensor tag removed from a garment bought by a customer. i also removed the sensor tag off a pair of shades for his customer. he looks cute up close. but i didn't get to peek at his name badge at all.

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