loca en la cabeza

the other day, i was assigned to work at the costume jewelry section. it's the area where fancy jewelry are sold--"fancy" in the sense that they're fake, but can sometimes be colorful and/or real-looking. loretta, a nice old lady was there to explain to me the various pieces as well as watches that were on display.

through her, i learned that the stone "marcasite", a dark-colored stone which looks obviously unprecious but is set in sterling silver in most of the merchandise, existed way back since cleopatra's time. it's one of the itty bitty trivia in the leaflet which goes with the judith jake jewelry. she also taught me the correct way of pronouncing "swarovski"--sounds like "swear off ski". haha.

i know nothing about jewelry, even fake jewelry. but when this girl came up to me asking about which earrings are suited for sensitive ears, i had advised that the ones marked as having "surgical steel wire" would be the safest. logical, don't you think? but when this other girl came asking for rings, i had mistakenly led her to the toe ring section, thinking they were for the fingers. hey, this ain't my department anyway, hehe.

last night, i finished watching this korean comedy movie "crazy first love" which my friend atty. rizza burned for me. it stars this guy from "my sassy girl", who plays this highly intelligent yet obsessed young man who will do anything to marry the girl she grew up with. it's a movie about excessive nose bleeding, testosterone, bar (or judicial, as called in the movie) exams, hazing disguised as teacher-imposed disciplinary action, and a void wedding. to sum it up in one word, this movie was indeed crazy.

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