star potential?

freezing rain tonight, and just when i was about to park my car at the mall, one of my windshield wipers fell off! it scratched some paint off the hood. i quickly got out of the car as soon as i parked to get the wiper off the spot where it fell and shoved it inside the car. i was walking in my painful new shoes to get to the time swipe box inside the store. i saw rose at one of the cash registers, and we hugged. haven't seen her for a long time. she's my favorite co-worker in my area because she's like a grandma to me. hehe.

at 6pm, i was all alone on my floor because they all left for their special dinner party. i had shirley to help me close my register. i got my gold star pin too, it's a special pin for associates who have been observed as "exceptionally friendly" to customers by their manager at least three times.

when i got out at 9:55pm, it was raining and i told shirley that one of my wipers fell off. it was really nice of her and her husband to come over my car to have it fixed. he had a screwdriver and flashlight to get it back in place, and i was very grateful for their help. i was able to come home safely.

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