chili con kearny

my father, sister and i drove to a used car dealer in kearny. kearny is pronounced as "kar-nee". got a little lost going there but we did find the place. my sister is planning on getting an audi.

guess what i borrowed at the library? well, aside from adam sandler's "punch drunk love" dvd, i also got a spanish language teach-yourself audio tape with a little handbook. i decided to brush up on the spanish i learned back in college because there's just a lot of spanish-speaking people around here. i thought it'll be helpful to enhance my spanish comprehension when encountering spanish customers at the mall. flipping through the handbook, i saw that it has mostly conversational spanish. interesting new word i learned is "hamburguesa."

yo gusto una hamburguesa con queso, por favor? hehe.

the spanish for hotdog is "perro caliente." funny because it's the literal translation of "hot" and "dog," so i'm tempted to imagine a scorching canine...hehe.

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