i've been given extra hours at work recently so that i've been working for 5 straight days, and i'm filling in tomorrow night for adele and kathy. tomorrow's gonna be my first time to do a closing shift, which means i have to close the register and pray that i count the money properly without any shortages. hehe.

found out that there are two other filipinas who also work in that store, one of them, ofelia, works at petites and i just met her yesterday. she told me that another filipina named erlinda works at the jewelry section. i have yet to meet her.

funny work-related accident today happened to adele. okay, maybe it's not funny if that happened to me, but it sure sounded funny when i imagined it--my manager thinks so too. hehe. she was at the stockroom early today and the lights inside suddenly went out, and she had stepped on a broom and it hit her on the nose! she said it felt like someone punched her. hehe. it sounded like something from a cartoon, you know, when you step on a rake and then the stick hits you on the face...hehehe. she's okay though.

i bought a new pair of shoes tonight for work, something i can wear for my skirt. i'd like to be a little girly and come in a skirt tomorrow, even if it's just for three hours and 45 minutes. hehe. oh dear, that means i'm going to miss watching american idol tomorrow night!

just when it feels like spring already, it snowed today! mostly in the morning only though. now it's just drizzling.

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