a valentine birthday, etc.

i had a slice of carrot cake at work today, actually they had two valentine cakes for the employees to eat on their break: your choice of carrot cake or chocolate cake. i chose carrot cake because it had heart-shaped icings on it, and it tasted really good!

i gave my parents and sister valentine cards, and heart-shaped snickers chocolates. to my grandparents i also gave a card and some scratch-and-match cards for their gambling pleasure. the cards didn't win, though. tonight i treated my sister and cousin to a pizza hut dinner (hand-tossed supreme pizza and one order of mild buffalo wings). turns out i have a date for valentine's after all--them!

last night, my mom, aunt and i went to this valentine birthday party of my mom's friend whom she used to work with in qatar. it was her 50th birthday and they had it in this venue called hanover manor. i wasn't feeling too good because i have a cold coupled with "that time of the month." they had me assigned to a table different from where my mom and aunt were sitting...and that meant i was supposed to sit with strangers around my age bracket. i got to know the nieces of the birthday queen, one of them was moppet. cute nickname, and she was really pretty. they even say she's related to alice dixon. i can see the resemblance. she seemed very nice. she's 26 and a nurse. i also got to meet her husband steve, who despite having been in the states for 11 years still knows how to speak tagalog and idolizes carlos agassi. haha. he's 28 (but he looks younger) and is an accountant cum stock trader. i didn't know how much he drank that night but he later on sat with me and talked to me about his love life and his 3 cars and how he met his wife way back when he still worked at burger king. he was concerned to see that i wasn't joining in the line-dancing, and that i looked "sad." i assured him i just wasn't feeling well and that i really danced along in parties like that. his piece of advice to me was to have enough "tiyaga" in life in order to succeed, and to do what i really want to do.

all the dance instructors asked me to dance with them, but i really just didn't feel like it. it was amusing to see the guests attempt to dance "spaghetti" by the sex bomb dancers, though. the food was plentiful--filled my plate with everything and couldn't finish it all. the party lasted from 7:30pm to 12:30am, and they gave away jade elephant figurines for souvenirs.

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