male shoppers in pocketbook territory

drove myself to work today. but i had my sister park for me, hehe. gotta remember to hit the brakes a little when doing a turn.

valentine's day is in two days. i had two male customers who did some shopping for their sweethearts. i think it's really sweet for a guy to tread into unfamiliar territory (e.g. the handbags section) just to buy something for their girl. i helped a guy pick a black coach wallet to match his wife's black coach pocketbook (here they call handbags "pocketbooks"...still brings images of paperback novels to mind, hehe). something that isn't too bulky, because his wife's pocketbook is small. then this other guy bought a doonie & burke wallet as well, because he said he already bought the matching bag, err, pocketbook. these two brand names are the most expensive. they don't really care how much they're paying...just as long as it'll make their girls happy.

when will i get someone to buy things like that for me, i wonder? haha.

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