love ko 'to

my cold is making it hell for me to wake up in the morning. speaking of mornings, i work later this morning at 11am so i really should be in bed by now. it's presidents' day today, yet another american holiday wherein they honor all their great presidents.

at work, i helped a young indian couple decide on which shawl to buy for the dress that the girl is going to wear on their upcoming first wedding anniversary. she showed me the exact light blue-and-white gown she had bought at another branch of our store, and i had told her to get a white one. felt good about giving her advice on the color and material, telling her that she really didn't have to pick an exact shade of white that matches her gown, because the shawl is sheer anyway. she finally picked the one with tiny beads on the fringes. you can trust me to give good advice on color coordination...hahaha.

i also got to close my register for the first time, but still with adele's assistance. i got a little lost when she took out some bills from the ones we were counting, but we closed the register evenly, meaning there weren't any shortages or overages.

the mcdonald's soda cup has the phrase "i'm lovin' it" (it's their latest advertising phrase) in different languages, including tagalog. here, see for yourself:

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