the secret is in the sauce

hate it when it's near "that time of the month." i get overly emotional about stuff, which explains my previous entry. this sulking mode is my early warning device for my next monthly cycle. it's that period when i feel the ugliest, and just depressed to tears. doesn't help either that it's valentine's day in a few days.

today is our cousin andrea's 14th birthday. i was requested to cook my "secret" spaghetti sauce which they like so much, and which my uncle is very curious to know how to make. it's not really mine entirely, because my sister experimented with some of the ingredients in it in the past, which i have now incorporated in my own style. so let's just say it's a sisterly creation. if my sister made it, i'd also like how it tastes so much that i'd eat a lot. my sister does not like to put parsley and oregano in the sauce unlike me, though.

tonight i brought the sauce to their house, i was their only visitor because my mom, father and sister had work tonight. apart from my spaghetti, they had KFC chicken thighs and legs, cookie cake from my sister, choco-vanilla ice cream cake, garlic and cinnamon bread sticks, fried fish, cheese and pepperoni pizza. my uncle had put a lot of spaghetti on my plate so i was so full afterwards. gained 5 pounds just by eating tonight. hehe.

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