license to drive

got my NJ driver's license today! woohoo!

i hurriedly finished reading the NJ driver's manual this morning when i got up and was still reading it at breakfast. they have strict identification requirements now at the MVC that they even ask for your "proof of address", for security reasons. good thing i have my check book with me (which had my address printed on each check), which was what i used to pay the exam and license fees.

this spanish guy in front of me at the line was trying to tell me that he was really supposed to be the next one after the lady who was in front of me before him. i understood him in that respect, but then he drifted into some spanish and then summarized his explanation by saying again in english that he's next in line, to which i just repeatedly replied, "it's OK."

the exam was computerized. the computers didn't have keyboards because everything was touch-screen. when i entered, this black guy was ecstatic over passing his test because he said he had failed it 4 times. he expressed his happiness by saying "thank you, jesus!" the exam had 30 questions. in order to pass, you shouldn't go beyond 6 mistakes. i had 2 wrong answers and had skipped 2 questions, but the monitor prompted that i had passed the test after answering the last question correctly. after that, i had my picture taken and i got my license.

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