my first paycheck!

actually, my co-associate adele handed it to me this afternoon at work. it wasn't much, it was just for my paid training hours...but hey, it's a start! i'm gonna get a bigger pay next week because i worked a lot of hours this week. woohoo!

i only had cup noodles for brunch before i came in for work at 1pm...and by 4:30ish i was having this headache--probably from hunger, or from my cold, or both...but most probably from the former. i took some pain relievers to clear my head. i only had my bottled water to refresh my system every now and then...and i consumed my candies quickly.

met my other co-associate at my department named kathy. she spoke with this accent that was either german or russian. i was glad to get out at 6pm, i was really hungry by then and i decided to treat myself to chicken teriyaki with fried rice and veggies at this japanese fast food at the food court. yummmy.

show me the money

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