got plastic

got my credit card from the store i'm working for in the mail today. that means i can now buy stuff from the store and get the additional 25% discount exclusive for employees. when i use a coupon, i get additional discounts on top of the 25%. woohoo. my sister has insisted that i buy her that ralph lauren handbag she wants, she promises to pay for it when the bill comes. what do i want for myself, though?

yesterday i got to meet my manager for the first time. i was made to do stock work in the accessories section, that is, arranging new merchandise on the display fixtures. the new steve madden belts for spring were stripey in pastel colors. the ones with transparent plastic smelled, though. i started putting out the thong sandals. i had put together the orange, pink and yellow sandals on one side. more boxes were inside the stock room, but i had to leave at 4pm.

i work again tomorrow, and i think it's gonna be a busy day. i wonder if my first paycheck's gonna be in the drawer when i come in. that'll be the pay for my training period, my working hours will be paid next week.

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