mmm...just to let you know, i'm currently indulging in a bar of cadbury flake, "the crumbliest, flakiest milk chocolate." one of my mom's friends at work went to england and gave her some cadbury chocolates for pasalubong. the taste reminds me a bit of the philippine chocnut...the powdery, rectangular chocolates that come in little foil wrappers.

incidentally, i watched the movie "chocolat" last night which i had rented from the library. it was a movie about giving in to one's desires, evolving from tranquility (read: boring life) to decadence...symbolized by the luscious, tempting chocolate truffles that vianne introduces to the sleepy little french town she and her daughter migrate to. it's a movie about daring to be different and living your life to the fullest. johnny depp was charming, and in his role there as the "river rat" roux, you'll see him starting to be like his future famous role captain jack sparrow (pirates of the caribbean). he plays somewhat of a pirate in it, only not in the high seas but in a french river.

my sister says chocolate is "evil." she told me this after seeing the two small bags of palmer double crispy chocolate hearts i bought from CVS at 50% off (because it's after valentine's day). my family has a history of diabetes. in fact, my mom has it. in "chocolat", the old lady which vianne befriends dies of diabetes but had eaten her chocolates like she never cared at all. when vianne found out about her disease, she asked why she never told her after feeding her with her sweets, and the old lady replied, "it's my life." now, i may have it when i grow old, or it may skip me and befall my immediate descendant(s), if i should ever have them.

i remember when we were smaller, our mom would bring home these chocolate bars from qatar with a lion logo on the wrapper. i forgot what it was called, but it had arabic writings on it. i loved it then. i wonder if they still make it there.

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