vamos a la ciudad de antlantic!

atlantic city is two hours by bus from our local mall. i accompanied my grandma and an uncle's parents to a day of gambling. bally's casino has always been their choice. my grandma and i went walking down the boardwalk when we got there, and then checked out the souvenir shops and ate chinese food for lunch before we sat down to play our quarter coins in the slot machines. call it beginner's luck, but at about the third coin i played, i won $62.50 worth of gaming voucher. you can either feed it back to the slot machine to play more, or redeem it for cash. i kept it and played the rest of our coins, won and lost them, then later we won 2 more vouchers worth $20 each. we spent the $20 for more games and lost, and decided to keep the other $20 for redemption. we redeemed the $80 vouchers and shared the cash among us in half. that's $40 for me. hehe.

it was cold at the boardwalk. we walked up to the shore and i tried to take closer pictures of the seagulls. i had slept on the bus on our way home, with the sound of spanish chatter between the passenger in front of me and the bus driver.

tonight i exchanged a jacket i got as a christmas gift for a grey pea coat at aeropostale. always wanted a pea coat.

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