and so this is christmas...

spent christmas eve hogging the mic at my cousins' place singing their videoke console (really cool gadget, it looks like a portable cd player which hooks up to the telly) and belted out most of madonna's songs, christmas songs, and everything else from led zeppelin to vanilla ice to the sesame street theme. we heard the 11pm mass and had our noche buena back at their place, and then they started opening their gifts. "santa" left behind some gifts for my two little cousins. later still, we went home and opened up our gifts under our tree.

christmas day and it was also my sis' birthday. she chose not to throw a party, because she thinks only a few would come. so she'll schedule it at a later date, prolly jointly with my grandma's january birthday. we did go to this christmas party at a family friend's place. it snowed very briefly, just the wet kind. then later that night we had a small birthday cake-blowing ceremony for my sis, just the four of us. i had carefully formed the number "23" with red sprinkles on her chocolate mousse cake.

some of the christmas gifts i got were clothes, scented candles, a pair of christmas socks, a dvd of beastie boys music videos and a purple legally blonde 2 pen from ivy; and money.

later today i'm going with my grandparents to atlantic city. i plan on going to the boardwalk rather than linger inside the casino.

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