tempus fugit

doing the last batch of my laundry right now. yesterday i applied for an ID at our local library. checked out their new age books but they were quite few and old. my father borrowed three DVDs while i surfed the net and found out on inq7.net that young actor miko sotto fell to his death. how tragic. even more tragic is the news that lacson has filed his certificate of candidacy for president.

only two more days till 2004. time sure flies fast. christmas whizzed by so quickly. other people have thrown away their fresh christmas trees already. but the christmas lights still shine on. driving at night is a spectacle, especially when you pass by houses with huge lawn ornaments to catch your attention. pretty much like the C.O.D. christmas display in cubao. oh that was a joy during my childhood. anyway, there's this street in dover where the house is literally a christmas ornament itself. the lawn is fully decorated with lights and gingerbread men and toy soldiers and candycanes. people actually stop by their house to marvel at this display like it's a tourist attraction. we did stop by and they even had a bowl of cookies outside for people to eat...while you gawk at their christmas creation.

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