mail matters

yesterday i mailed a couple more cards for the philippines, and last night my sister and i decorated our fresh pine tree in the basement. we had bought more christmas lights from odd-job, as well as this cute outdoor candy cane decor which lights up. a lot of our outdoor lights have stopped working when it snowed last weekend, so we needed new ones. we also bought cherry-flavored candycanes at CVS. i decided it was time to try another flavor instead of the traditional peppermint.

the tree is suspended on its base with adjustable screws, and it has an opening where you're supposed to put water and ice to keep it fresh longer. it smells great down here in the basement now.

found out that most of the cards we mailed last week to the philippines arrived simultaneously on thursday, manila time.

been raining since last night, and now most of the snow has melted outside. damn, didn't get to make a snowman...hehe. flu season this time around, and my cousins have been getting sick.

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