oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree...

fresh christmas tree! we bought a freshly-cut, live balsam pine tree! well, just the small kind, about 5 feet. in fact, we got perhaps the cheapest tree in the home depot nursery. we were looking for a small tree anyway, since we already have a tall one (albeit fake and pre-lit) in the main living room. this one is going in the basement living room, where it will spread its fragrant pine scent throughout december. my sister has always wanted a fresh christmas tree. we ran out of those last year, because we kept putting off buying one.

we stuck it into the snow outside first and will be keeping it there overnight. they say that's what you're supposed to do when you bring home a fresh tree.

yesterday i bought this bargain book at waldenbooks, emily dickinson's book of poems for $5.99(plus 6% nj tax). it's hardbound and contains most of her works. i've always wanted to own a book of her poetry.

mailed $4.80 worth of xmas cards to friends in the philippines today. actually i still have a few more to send out. so far our household has received 5 xmas cards from family/friends. i made this holiday wall decor where we can display the xmas cards we got this month.

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