Tea Fit For Royalty


I was quick to snatch this royally purple tin can of English Breakfast Tea in Royal Wedding edition and ran it under a barcode scanner as my little souvenir of this important British event. I'm keeping the tin after I finish all the teabags, of course.

This way, I get my cup of tea with a fairytale flavor. Because deep inside my tea-drinking soul is a believer of Happily Ever Afters.

It's 2:30AM Eastern Time....the wedding begins in a few hours. I hope I wake up and see most of it. It's gonna take more than tea to keep me awake at work today!

Hey, check me out in England four years ago!

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Kayni said...

wow...good find. i wonder how that tin can found its way to TJ Maxx :). did you see the whole wedding? i caught a part of it while getting ready for work today.

Photo Cache said...

so so jealous. i haven't really paid attention to the royal wedding, so despite all the hoopla i am deprived of news.

i have the ceremony on dvr and will vege out on the couch and watch it this weekend.

i always wanted to see uk. one of the coming years' tax refund would definitely pay for that trip (crossing fingers).

happy weekend.

Kate said...

ooh! so English :D

Marites said...

who knows that tin can might have more price in a few years as an antique souvenir. that's really a good find:) happy weekend!

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