Splendidly Splenda-fied!

We celebrated my mom's birthday the other weekend and I made a sugar-free cake just for her. The only "sinful" sugar on this cake are the icing flowers and icing greeting--the rest are guilt-free ingredients that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

The flowers were made out of home-made royal icing about three days prior to the actual occasion because royal icing can take days to harden. The yellow hearts are actually fondant which I had cut out with a cookie cutter then carefully perforated the edges with a decorating tool.

My cake isn't perfect for many reasons, a major one of which is hidden underneath that green frosting. When I removed the cake from the pan, parts of it got stuck in the metal that it partially broke. I remedied this cake catastrophe by "gluing" the broken cake back into place with icing. That's the thing with icing: you decorate with it and you can "camouflage" mistakes with it!

I love how the "drop flowers" turned out...they look like purple swirly asterisks in royal icing.

Royal icing can be a royal pain to create, but is royally rewarding in the end! Speaking of rewarding ends, our Flowers and Cake Design course will end this Monday after Easter with us bringing our final cakes filled with our favorite royal icing flowers and a basket-weave icing technique we'll be learning that night!

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witsandnuts said...

Happy birthday to your mom! Same birthdate sila ng uncle ko. And yes to sugar-free cakes!

Kate said...

What a pretty cake! I love that it looks homemade- and not too polished :) Hope to taste your creations soon :P

Kayni said...

happy birthday to your mom. the cake looks lovely and it must have tasted yummy too.

Oman said...

happy birthday mom :)

what's great about long holidays is that in case where you do not have any travels, you can check back on some of the blogs you have missed because of work and all. have a pleasant break my friend.

Shiera said...

gandang tingnan! I love the colors...

Parang gusto ko na ding mag-aral gumawa nang cakes :D

Marites said...

happy birthday to your mom! you're really good!! love the cake flowers!

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