An Elevator Encounter

(Above is a doodle inspired by recent events on a Titillating Thursday Night; below is a consolidation of tweets related to said time.)

The universe teased me by making me ride the elevator with the very doctor I'm avoiding due to a long-kept crush. He's married.

It's been four years since I last saw him, and now I'm ascending to the fourth floor with this Jewish anesthesiologist with jewel-like eyes.

The building was undergoing major renovations, so I got lost in the maze of restructured hallways when we stepped out, but more disoriented was my heart by this unexpected encounter.

The most heartbreaking part of knowing him was the fact that he liked the movie "Amelie." He had named his baby girl after that fabuleux French film.

Who can console me but the chocolate hindlegs of a Cadbury Bunny? At least I had looked sharp in my J. Crew outfit that night. If your heart is about to break (yet again), at least one should look fashionably fine, if circumstances allow it.

I was elevated to heights of brief and bashful bliss, then descended to depths of depression as I hit the Down button.

Jason Derulo's "In My Head" invaded my head, specifically this part:

"In my head, I see you all over me | In my head, you fulfill my fantasy." ♪

But some things are best left in one's head, because if they happened in real life, I'd be in big trouble...or worse, be dead.

Maybe I should send flowers fast...to myself.

Necesito una ducha fria. Ahora.

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plaridel said...

darn, it sucks. but maybe he has a younger brother?

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