The "Bakit" List

Something Polka-dotty For New Year's Eve!

"Bakit" means "Why" in Filipino. I wanted to put a little spin on New Year's Resolutions, that's why. 

So for 2011, Why Don't I......

  • Fly or long-drive to someplace new? 
  • Get a REAL job?
  • Get an apple bottom body? (Right now it's shaped like hickory-smoked ham!)
  • Learn to speak fluent Spanish? 
  • Take more photographs?
  • Create more art?
  • Send more letters/postcards? I have hoarded a lot of boxed notecards and stationery sets over the years. They are meant to be mailed to people! Last year, I was able to send 85 postcards through Postcrossing, not counting postcards sent to friends. Will I break that record this year?
  • Bake more like a Cake Boss? And maybe even discover fun with fondant!
  • Sing more! I don't care if it's mostly on videoke. And not just sing, but sing with emotion!
  • Dance more! Even if it's mostly line-dancing. And not just dance, but dance with the same energy and grace they had on "Dirty Dancing!" Yeah, sway it like Swayze!
  • Meet new people! Make new friends! 
  • Make considerable effort in applying makeup! I was able to buy a big "Beauty Box" from Lord & Taylor at 75% off after Christmas, and it contains a tray of various eyeshadow shades and another tray of blush-on palettes.
  • Become more organized!
I hope I'm able to accomplish everything on this list and more!

3 vandalized my wall:

witsandnuts said...

Some of the items on your list are a reflection of my must-dos, too!

Photo Cache said...

I do have a box of note cards without destination.

I have to closely look into Postcrossing. I have been thinking about this for 2 years now. It's time I jump into sending and rec'ng postcards.

Happy New Year.

Cza said...

I like your "bakit" list! :D Sana you get to do them all.. Happy New Year! :D

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