Cape Odd

I was quite baffled seeing Father Duffy's statue in Times Square while touring my friends from Amsterdam recently. He was cloaked in a black cape! He's hardly the person to ask for good cheap cigars. Then a sign below him revealed that he was being used as a promotional prop for the new NBC TV series called "The Cape." 

There will always be a superhero-themed show out there. This one has the same basic ingredients: tortured innocent man framed by evil arch-enemy and is now on a mission to fight crime and avenge himself. Throw in a cape and mask, and voila, a comicbook superhero for television.

When we went further downtown to City Hall, we spotted another statue with the same black cape draped over its shoulders. I failed to take a photo of that, however.

I got to watch a little of that 2-hour premiere episode on Sunday night. Gotham: meet your new caped crusader--he's got a few circus tricks up his sleeve.

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Kayni said...

I saw quite a bit of this show last night, but I was too sleepy. Maybe I should try and see the other episodes.

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