A Toast

I meant to post this print ad during the holidays but my holidays were too hectic for me to find the magazine where I first saw it. Tonight, I finally found the page in the December 2010 issue of Conde Nast Traveler.

Yes, it's a vodka ad, but I tip my tea cup to this list, especially to the last item which I encircled. I'm happy for friends, both real-life and virtual, old and new, who make life interesting and less depressing. Recently, I met The Becky and her husband Panelomo in New York City for the first time. She's a co-blogger of mine at Miss Iggy's blog. It's amazing how even inanimate things, like this traveling doll, can bring people together. The Becky is the fourth Miss Iggy sister I've personally met. When I first asked her to join the blog, she was based in Singapore. Now she's traveled to the Jersey Shore! 

I have four more to meet. It's especially challenging for the one in Cambodia, the one in Ireland whose life used to be devoted to banking careers before being a devoted wife; and the new one in Abu Dhabi. 

Maybe someday we'll all find ourselves together in the Philippines. Until then, we all have our separate journeys to make.

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