Sacre Bleu! It's Chicken Cordon Bleu!


My recent kitchen achievement involved Italian Breaded Pork Chops and Chicken Cordon Bleu. Sounds very international, right? Best enjoyed while wearing a Lacoste shirt and a Fendi bag. Just kidding. No, both recipes were just yanked off the internet, as conveniently as many other information can similarly be obtained. They fit the ingredients found in the freezer and pantry, the most essential of which was the Italian-seasoned bread crumbs.

The breaded pork chops were coated with beaten eggs and seasoned bread crumbs and grated Parmesan cheese, pan-seared on both sides then further baked in the oven. For the Chicken Cordon Bleu, I admit I've always been intrigued by this French recipe and found out it's quite simple to make it. Like making a sandwich roll using chicken breasts as the bread and filling it with ham and cheese inside, then coating it with bread crumbs. Off it goes to the oven and voila! Only the actual cordon bleu or blue ribbon is missing to make it more official. The internet also told me that the name of the dish originated from the archaic way that chefs were recognized for exemplary culinary skills, which is by awarding them with blue ribbons. Hence the name "Cordon Bleu". Can't help but think that it rhymes with the celebrity name Corbin Bleu. Why would you name your kid closely after a chicken dish?

Buon Appetito/Bon Appetit!

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witsandnuts said...

Keep the kitchen experiments coming! I'm still not spending much time in the kitchen lately. :)

Kate said...


elpi said...

HOLY YUM!!!such a beautiful recipe:)

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