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Team Coco, that is! Monday marked Conan O'Brien's big comeback to late night on his new channel, TBS.

Here was a guy who went from being the newest late night talk show host in LA after moving from NY, to an unemployed citizen like anyone else. After only a few months at "The Tonight Show," he resigned from that show due to schedule issues, then Jay Leno took over his late night throne. It was devastating, to say the least, to leave the job you were born to do then be forbidden by settlement contract to appear on television as a host of a program until September 2010.  It must have felt like one's life being flushed down the toilet.

When a door closes, a  window opens, they say. For O'Brien, it was a blue Twitter window. He opened a Twitter account which quickly went a-flutter with thousands of followers. After that, he took his brand of comedy on the road, cleverly evading the legal constraints on him and naming his tour "The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television" Tour.

And now, he's finally back on television after so much hype and anticipation in a new show called "Conan." In case you didn't know yet, I saw him in Times Square about two years ago. He was filming a commercial that night.

Here's an example of the hyperactive hype surrounding his TV return: the new commercial for American Express. He mingles with the locals in India in his search for fine fabric--the extreme lengths he goes to in the name of his passion: entertainment. Eat your heart out, Elizabeth Gilbert!

3 vandalized my wall:

Kate said...

I love Conan! So glad he is back :)

Kayni said...

i love this commercial :). i know. i'm glad he's back.

elpi said...

definitely cool. .nice to see him again:)

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