Happy Owl-loween!

My Owl-loween shirt.

This was my shirt for Halloween, bought last year from Target. But it was so cold, I had to wear it over another shirt and then bundled up in a fleece jacket.

I didn't get to greet any costumed kids this year because I was over at my sister's apartment getting cozy with my baby niece indoors. Next year, she'll be big enough to go trick-or-treating! And we can get to eat her candy! Haha. We also had guests over at an aunt's house so we just left our stash of treats in a basket outside our door. 

Some houses in our neighborhood were over-the-top with their Halloween decorations.  Take this ghoulish ride, for instance! I know I won't be hitching a ride with these guys!



Maybe next year, I can go as a lady cop with a pink Taser. I actually had a black costume this year but it never made it out of the dryer.


 My Halloween movie was "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," the original one starring a very young Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry rocking the role of the "Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania." It was racy, risque, rowdy and randy! He seriously reminded me of Freddie Mercury in drag. Now that recent "Rocky Horror" episode of Glee finally made more sense to me. The songs have the naughtiest lyrics!

Now that Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is up next later this month! Turkey time!

2 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

the shirt is cool. halloween seems to signal all the holidays to come. i can't wait.

Photo Cache said...

i agree that tee has a cool design.

i don't really decorate, but i love admiring others yards. unfortunately this year none of my neighbors felt halloweeny. i hope they put some christmas lights though.

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