All Souls' Day

Made A Mum Bouquet For My Lolo's Grave.

Yesterday, my mom and I attended a special prayer service by our local parish at the cemetery where my grandfather was buried. I had made this bouquet of mum flowers the day prior. I picked the orange ones from our garden and placed them in this cornucopia-shaped basket which I got from the recent Fall Festival.

His first death anniversary will be this December. He had died from stroke, not Mesothelioma cancer. But it would be a year this November that he had that stroke that sent him to the hospital for three weeks until his death.

All Souls' Day.

At this other cemetery where a family friend was buried, I noticed some unusual grave markers. Instead of tombstones, there were these marble benches with the name of their dearly departed engraved on the front, then a meaningful saying on the back, like this one. The message hit home for me, so I took a picture.

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