Creepy Carrot Cake

I started this little tradition of baking something special every time my baby niece turned a month older. On her first month last September, I baked fudge brownies for the first time. I can't believe I forgot to post it here. Yesterday, she turned two months old. It being October, I picked carrot cake to go with the orange theme of Halloween.

I used the same fluted cake pan for this recipe. I mixed red and yellow food coloring to make the white frosting turn orange. Instead, it turned salmon pink.


Slathered the salmon pink frosting all over the cake then sliced these little pumpkin Peeps to decorate the top.


Then, I squeezed red icing alongside the Peeps for a blood-stained effect. Sort of like bleeding pumpkins. Also added red sugar sprinkles.


Creepy Carrot Cake! It's a sugar overload that might send you searching for the best fat burner after a significant serving(s). But hey, it's Halloween! It's sugar and spice...go have a slice!

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Kate said...

waah! i LOVE carrot cake! this one looks super cute

Bubbles said...

Thats such a lovely idea to celebrate your nieces arrival each month, its amazing how quickly they grow up but the best it when they start talking and you just sit there open mouthed.

That cake looks great with all the decoration, its just a shame that the colour didn't turn out quite how you wanted.

Kayni said...

i like it :). i love how you used peeps.

Unknown said...

It's very sweet of you. Your niece is so lucky!

This cake doesn't look creepy at all.

Can I have a slice, please?


fortuitous faery said...

thanks, everyone! i'd be happy to let you sample a slice, if only they can have cakes "downloadable"! alas, we have yet to experience that technology! :P

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