Trick Or Tweet


So I finished installing the skull string lights I bought on clearance last year for Halloween. I luckily found a spare green light bulb in the house to replace the one on the front door to give it a ghoulish glow. In case you're wondering what the big, dark thing is on the lower left of the photo, it's this Halloween cat.


Now all that's missing is the Halloween candy. I should shy away from large amounts that might require the help of Hydroxycut.

And speaking of Halloween cats, this one just transformed into Hello Batty!

OMG! Hello Kitty becomes Hello Batty!

Hello Kitty has turned to the Dark Side!

4 vandalized my wall:

Sidney said...

You are not scared to go home ;-0

Kayni said...

i like the skull lights. i've been debating about decorating for halloween. i might just decorate for christmas instead.

Princess Ody said...

i love what you did with the front door!

halloween isn't a big thing over here in vienna, so there's no trick or treating in front of my door

fortuitous faery said...

sidney: nope!
kayni: here in my neighborhood, it would be weird if we put up the christmas decor BEFORE halloween and thanksgiving! in the philippines, it would be totally ok to have a christmas tree up as early as september! haha.
ody: thanks! halloween is a big american holiday where kids harass houses for sweets. it's good that halloween is a non-holiday there when you want the eerie silence to remain unbroken. :P

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