Wo Ai Liao!


I finally got around to framing this 300-piece jigsaw puzzle inspired by Jimmy Liao's book "A Chance of Love," which has been made into a movie called "Turn Left Turn Right." I fell in love with this book which I chanced upon at a Hallmark Store clearance sale many years ago. Consequently, I fell in love with Jimmy Liao's art.

Imagine, therefore, my sheer delight when I spotted Jimmy Liao merchandise at the Duty-Free Gift Shop in Taiwan's Taoyuan Airport last June on my layover back from the Philippines. It was then that I remembered that Liao is based in Taiwan.

I finished the puzzle above in about three days. It was maddening to figure out where the yellow parts were supposed to go. But it was satisfying to find exactly where each piece fit. The size of the finished puzzle had odd dimensions: 10.5 x 15 inches, which made it harder for me to find a big enough (and cheap enough) frame.


I also bought this other puzzle: a 60-piece, 3-D one that's spherically-shaped when finished. A puzzle ornament! I haven't done this one yet. I should do it in time for when we hang ornaments on the Christmas tree this year. It also features romantic scenes from the book I mentioned above.


You can turn the ball around and see other scenes of them doing cute things together as seen in the book. Did I mention I have puzzle-philia?


Then I bought two of these pen and bookmark sets which feature art from his other book, "The Sound of Colors." The other set I already gave to my bookworm cousin in Illinois last summer. There are only a few of his books sold here in the States that are printed in English. I was tormented to see his other books in Taiwan that were in Chinese. Thus, I resigned myself to these items.

But because I was so excited to buy these, I didn't bother to calculate their dollar equivalent. Along with a slew of uniquely crafted Taiwan postcards and bookmarks, I ended up spending around $50 on my credit card! For stationery items! I could have bought other things with that money, like maybe Taiwanese desserts or natural acne cream from their line of beauty products. But I was happy with my purchase. I won't find authentic Jimmy Liao stuff where I live, not even on Ebay.

And I can admire the puzzle I painstakingly completed on my bedroom wall, where it now hangs.

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witsandnuts said...

I was about to ask if you seriously fancy puzzles until you mention puzzlephilia. ;) Finishing it in 3 days was wow. It's nice, by the way.

Sidney said...

Congrats...not a easy puzzle with all that green grass.

But it is a cool and cute image !

Kate said...

I Love Jimmy Liao!!! Going to Shanghai in a few days and hope I can snag some postcards for sharing :D

Btw, cute stuff :)

Kayni said...

i would have gone nuts with those yellow pieces...lol. oh my gosh, i'm also the type of person who spends so much money on paper products.

fortuitous faery said...

wits & sidney: thanks! i've actually finished a 1000-piece puzzle in 3 days before! so this is a less impressive feat by that standard! hehe.

kate: i hope you find some jimmy liao stuff in shanghai! i know you'll find lots of cute stuff from the expo nevertheless!

kayni: sometimes i even get stationery from ebay! :P

doi said...

I've longed to have one of these ever since but never got the chance to buy one. after seeing this post, i now know what decors i'll add to the bare walls in my room! thanks for the inspiration :) weeeeeeeeeeeee

and i like this piece too. i hope i get to find cute designs too. hehe

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