Are You Smarter Than A Fifth-Grader?


What academic complexities do fifth-graders learn nowadays? Do YOU remember what topics you encountered in school back in the fifth grade?

I sometimes help my 9-year-old cousin with her homework. There's reading comprehension, then there's math. I hated math as a kid, partly because we had a terrifying math teacher who liked to throw chalk bits and dagger looks at her students. I grew up still hating math. When I try to check my little cousin's homework, sometimes I feel like I'm the 9-year-old. 

5th grade math wizard, I was not. Same goes for 4th grade math. Even if math wasn't my favorite subject, I knew that things like adding fractions would come in handy later in life. Like now that I'm learning to bake. Measurements matter in mixing the batter!

Sure, tutors were an available option back then, but in this electronic age, online tutoring is the rage. If math is your child's waterloo, then you might want to consider summoning the arithmetic specialists online to help him understand the numbers that boggle his mind. I used to ask the heavens what the purpose of learning Algebra 2, formula for volume, or graphing linear equations is for in my life, but later I would see that it's really the problem-solving and analytical skills that are being developed by all that number-crunching.

I'm just glad I'm way past those math subjects and have passed them all.

P.S. These kawaii umbrellas were at a gift shop near Rockefeller Center. I'm torn between the pink cat and red ladybug.

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Sinta said...

Love those sweet umbrellas :) And I'm not a big fan of math either!

Kayni said...

really kawaii :) i love the pink cat.

Bubbles said...

There is a TV programme here called 'Are you smarter then a 10 year old' Its where an adult and a 10 year old go head to head. I've never seen it because we don't have the channel it comes on but I probably would end up going out in the first round.

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