Have Dog, Will Travel

Our dog was awake the whole time by the window since last nite.

We spent a long weekend in Illinois recently primarily for a wedding. Since we didn't have anyone to look after our dog Tiffany, we took her along for the 12-hour road trip. She's small but she's already 14 years old, and that would qualify her as a senior dog. We made sure that she had enough pee breaks whenever we stopped by rest stops along the way, as we humans need them just the same.

You think 12 hours is a long journey for a canine? Tiffany has actually been to Florida by car, way before I went to the Sunshine State myself. That trip takes about 20 driving hours! Well, she was a younger dog back then.

If I become rich enough to afford an RV, I'd start looking around for RV insurance quotes and then travel across the United States without having to worry about hotel accommodations. If Tiffany is still alive around that time, I'm sure she'll enjoy it too.

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Kayni said...

wow...20 hours is long. the longest drive i've ever taken would be from DC to Montreal...phew.

Tiffany is a trooper.

Martin said...

but it looks like tiffany's enjoying your drive. :)

witsandnuts said...

I like the flag there!

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