Scarfaholics Anonymous

The Summer Solstice is synonymous with Semi-Annual Sales: a protracted shopping event that usually lasts until the Fourth of July weekend. It's the perfect time to buy those things you've always wanted, but for so much cheaper. Stock up till the next semi-annual sale comes along (which is after Christmas)!

Some flyers in the mail come with coupons that give you extra discounts off their already marked down items, but if you're part of certain stores' email lists, you can also get online coupons with codes that you can use either for online shopping or to take with you to the store.

Ever tried online shopping? Ever noticed how most of them have spaces to put discount codes on during checkout? That's what online coupons are for!

Online coupons aren't just for shopping, some are also good for tourist attractions, like museums in New York City. I always check online for coupons when we're heading out to the city for some cultural stimulation. 

Shopping may be fun, but what's even more fun is knowing you paid less than the ticketed price. And of course, I ended up getting three scarves yesterday at H&M which cost me only $3 each. Sign me up for Scarfaholics Anonymous!

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Kayni said...

i'm going to go shopping this weekend...lots of good sales going on. i actually own so many scarves. they're fun to mix and match with an outfit.

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