Water Supersamples

It took a trip to the Philippines before my Supersampler film got developed. Here are some watery samples from different locations:


Here's Margate Beach, a little slice of the Jersey Shore. Because of that reality TV show starring Snooki and "The Situation," New Jersey is all popular again...but perhaps for the wrong reasons. Here's the situation: I don't watch that show. I photographed this when I visited Lucy the Elephant last year.


A tranquil-looking shot along the Three Rivers in Illinois last year, while riding a speedboat. 


And the most recent one is a sailboat on Boracay Beach in the Philippines last May. If you look closely, that's an Enervon Multivitamins "Hapontukin" sailboat!

What prompted me to put together these water shots? Katy Perry's song "California Gurls" ("There must be something in the water!"). That song is stuck to my brain like salt water taffy. It's funny I thought about that even before I saw that her music video featured candies. And giant Gummi Bears that give her the dirty finger. And candy canes that became peppermint-striped snakes. Whoever dreamed up that video must have been on glucose overdose while smoking an electric cigarette.

2 vandalized my wall:

gingmaganda said...

love that supersampler! tagal na tong nasa wishlist ko but im hesitant kasi laging nasisira ang lomo cameras sa akin :(

fortuitous faery said...

this is already my second supersampler because the first one broke when the pull-string got loose. hehe. that's the most delicate part of the supersampler, as you already know.

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