It Comes In Threes


When I heard mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage in Antipolo City a couple of months ago, the Sunday sermon stuck to my senses for its significance. The priest was preaching the three most important things in life to make you happy:

  1. Something significant to do.
  2. Somebody to love.
  3. Something to hope for.
The first one has something to do with answering one's calling in life. No matter how big or small, every task has its place in the grand scheme of things.  Whether it's inventing something like a human growth hormone or simply being the best mother in the world, life finds meaning by doing your purpose.

The second one isn't as easy to accomplish for some people. While some fall in and out of love like a ping-pong ball, some are left to wonder what real love is like. And despite the cynicism that revolves around love, people still embrace it when it comes back to their lives. Song in point: Queen's "Somebody to Love."

In my case, it doesn't help that I attract the wrong kind of men. I'm a creep magnet in need of an antidote, something like CREEPtonite perhaps to weaken their strength.

And what do we hope for in life? Become rich? Have a family? I used to have a list of things I hoped to do before turning thirty. A lot of the items are still undone.

This ornate wall decor of Jesus, Mary and Joseph was hanging in the small rest hut in my grandaunt's place in Roxas City, Capiz.

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