Feelin' The FIFA Fever

Japan's FIFA Samurai mural at the Port Authority NYC.

I've always equated the term "Football" with "Soccer," that is, before I learned about the American obsession with a more physical type of football which involved a ball that was less than spherical. While the rest of the world kicks the ball around, (hence, "foot"ball) the United States likes to charge into the opposing team while mostly carrying/making hand contact with the ball.

FIFA Fever is all over the walls of the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City. This is just one of the very patriotically creative football artworks I saw there--a Samurai soccer player with opponents' team shirts skewered by his sword. I have a few more photos of other countries' football "posters" from my camera, which I hope to post soon.

Sadly, I don't play soccer, although I know it's a good fat burner type of sport. But I can appreciate watching it. That's why I also love the comedy film "Shaolin Soccer."

My only accidental "sport" of late has been bridal bouquet-catching. However, my potential "three-peat" feat this year was foiled in Chicago recently by another single woman who wanted the bouquet far more ferociously than I did. I was starting to believe I was becoming the "Jorge Posada" of bouquet-catching. She's probably older than me, too. I was bigger than her but her swift movement threatened to topple me to the side, American football-style! Haha.

And then I heard it was her fourth bouquet. But I doubt they're all in the same year!

2 vandalized my wall:

Oman said...

basketball is still my fave. i do not know how to play football and i guess will never be lols.

but football has recently peaked here in pinas and i do hope we cud have future in there soon unlike basketball where we are just too short.

Kayni said...

i have no sports interests these days...it's just too hot to do anything...sorry, i'm in whiny mood.

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