Pieces Of Antipolo By Yellow Peace

I am pleased to share with you select photos from the Superheadz Yellow Peace camera I won at a Twitter Contest last Spring sponsored by The Art of Waiting. Here are random market scenes I took just outside the Our Lady of Peace (makes sense, right?) and Good Voyage Shrine in Antipolo City, Philippines after a Sunday mass. She is the Patroness of travelers, hence it's one of my favorite religious sites there.

I really am drawn to balloons, especially now that they come in Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, and Spongebob Squarepants variety. See the soft vignettes on the corners of these pictures?

There are also all sorts of local desserts and delicacies to satisfy your sweet tooth such as jars of coconut jams and other sticky goodies. This isn't the place for nuphedragen. Are you nuts for nuts? Cashew nuts are sold here, too!

Street dolls! Adorned with handmade clothes and accessories! Notice the crocheted dresses on some. I like the lady in red the best...so Imeldific!

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Kayni said...

the balloons are so festive. i love hello kitty too...lol.

Golden said...

Love the dolls! They look so adorable. I'm sure my daughter will love them to bits!

I've never been to Antipolo myself. I hope to visit that place some time.

Lots of love,

Oman said...

balloons and dolls are truly fascinating subjects aren't they?

witsandnuts said...

I miss the sight of street dolls. I like the colors of your photos.

lauren said...

interesting dolls, plus shoes from nearby marikina i presume. :) glad you had fun!

gingmaganda said...

that is a cool camera :)

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