KFC, Philippine-Style


"Kanto" is a Filipino word with Spanish origins that literally means "corner." That word has come to refer to street corners or simply the streets, where all the action usually happens and where all the interesting food items sizzle and are served al fresco. This particular food stall was a head-turner for the name which can possibly be a trade name infringement issue with the Kentucky-based rival.

Since there were no security cameras around, (just really baffled fried chicken vendors), I snapped a quick photo of this "kanto" fastfood establishment where the only item on the menu is deep-fried chicken.

I regret not trying a piece!

4 vandalized my wall:

witsandnuts said...

Haha, nakakatuwa talaga yung mga pangalan ng stores/stalls sa Pilipinas. Nakakamiss yan!

Kayni said...

who knows, kanto chicken may be able to rival KFC...lol.

Sreisaat said...

The new KFC=Kanto Fried Chicken! *lol*

Marites said...

trust the Pinoys to play with famous names:) you got good eye.

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