Boracay Never Bores


Sharing with you a photo taken with a Lomolito camera that Ody graciously sent me as a birthday gift last year. So happy to be able to use Digiprint's satisfactory film-to-CD + free courier delivery via LBC while in the Philippines as well. So here's a little slice of Boracay Beach with seaweed flavor (See green stuff on the sand).

It was my second time to visit this paradise island since 2005. It has remarkably become more crowded and commercialized. Although our hotel was in the far end of Station 3, we were thankful for its distance from the bars and restaurants and other sun-worshipping tourists that easily washed away the serenity from these shores. Besides, we could use the walking workout. I finally got myself a photo by a sand castle which is built daily with the current date and the word "Boracay."

What we noticed right away was how the ferry boat that took us from Caticlan did not drop us off by the beachfront like it did five years ago. It was on a different part of Boracay that we entered, and we had to take their mini passenger trucks to get to the strip. The one we rode weaved through tiny residential streets that eventually led us near the hotel we booked, which we reached by foot upon alighting from said vehicle, dragging our suitcases on the sand.

Two days were enough to get reacquianted with Boracay, and we were rewarded with skin nourished by its refreshing waters, caressed by powdery white sand, and sun-kissed to the point of a glorious tan. Souvenir-shopping is more wallet-friendly when done in the Old Talipapa, which is quite near the less frenzied Station 3.

I left Boracay with a mineral bottle filled with sand and some seashells, two pairs of earrings, a red Boracay sarong with coconut trees and hibiscus flowers (my favorite tropical bloom) drawn in the design, and a Boracay buri tote. After all, I knew it would still be summer when I fly back to New Jersey (and I already have).

I'd love to be in Panglao or Coron next time.

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witsandnuts said...

I agree much with the title of this post. In 2007, the ride from Caticlan was already re-routed. I hope (and I think you did) you had a great vacation. =)

Kayni said...

this is one place i'd love to see one day. i have to make plans.

Marites said...

I've decided to not return to Boracay after seeing its overdevelopment years ago. Sayang talaga ang island if the people won't stop overusing the island. Still, the picture is beautiful! Try Coron..magnificent! Panglao, heavenly:) Don't forget to check out the dolphins and whales in near Balicasag and Pamilacan Islands.

Boracay Hotels said...

What a lovely photo, simple but beautiful. Yeah, it true, boracay never bores. There a good environment there, mostly at nightlife.

Tanya Gemarin

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