Plants Vs. Zucchinis

My aunt is addicted to Farmville, and so is her son. I made it a point to bring vegetable seeds for her tiny backyard garden to show her the real joy of harvesting real vegetables.

My zucchini squash seeds sprouted seedlings in just a few days! I bet this is going to taste great with pinakbet! I've named this first seedling "Zuke." As in Zuke SoilCrawler. Pretty soon there will be a squash jungle in her backyard like the one we had in New Jersey last summer.

My aunt still prefers cyber-gardening, though. They have so much games and software in their PC that I won't be surprised if I find a stray project management software lurking in there somewhere.

Living in the provincial suburbs exposes you to some unpredictable plant life. Like this lone pineapple right smack in an empty lot by the sidewalk. If nobody claims ownership to it, then this pineapple is public domain! Haha.

3 vandalized my wall:

witsandnuts said...

Seeds are nice pasalubong. Nothing beats a real farm/real farming!

Kayni said...

can i claim the pineapple?...lol

lagal[og] said...

I share your sentiments. I went on a shooting assignment on a farm and they were billing themselves as the "real farmville". Such a strange world we live in :D

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