Rodic's Rocks!

Where's the beef? A friend who lives in Quezon City took me to this street diner for breakfast and showed me not just any breakfast, but a true Pinoy breakfast with three components: Tapsilog (Tapa-Sinangag-Itlog or Beef-Fried Rice-Egg).

It's carinderia-style dining that's well loved in the U.P. Diliman campus. This one is the pioneer branch that started it all. Its original name was "Lola Adang."

I love how the beef toppings are in flake form, making the dining experience easier to enjoy. The meal comes with a small bowl of beef broth which I like to drizzle generously over the rice. When I eat rice topping meals, I like everything on it. Ketchup, hot sauce, a little bit of vinegar. Mix together with love. My tummy was happy to be home. All other discussions of things like free life insurance quotes dissolved in the background as I savored every spoonful of this beefed up breakfast.

My tummy is on a mission for more gastronomical delights.

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witsandnuts said...

There's a branch near my old office in Makati. I wonder why I haven't tried dining there. I think it's because of it's competitor Chubster.

Anonymous said...

aaaaah....mother branch pala yan ng rodics sa peyups eheheh.

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