Craving For Pizza

When you're on vacation, so is your tummy. The Pizza Hut menu in the Philippines has some unique pizza concoctions like this new Star Pops Pizza which makes pie-eating more fun. The actual pizza is in the middle surrounded by bite-sized Swift hotdogs in finger buns. It comes with a dip for said hotdog bites.

I do believe that the halo-halo should be part of the Filipino Food Pyramid, especially during summetime. I do believe I need a BMI calculator for the way I'm eating right now, not a mortgage calculator!

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Kate said...

i just satisfied my week long pizza craving yesterday! we had my fave garlic and cheese thin crust from shakeys :) btw, thanks for the cute postcard :)

onyxx said...

whoah. it's been a while since i visited PH but this one (star pops pizza?) takes the cake. i wonder what shape they'll come up with next time :)

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