When The Brits Go Marching In


"Quick, take my picture while the Royal Guards march behind me!" I hastily instructed my sister, shoving the camera in her hands while I frantically posed, clutching a camcorder and a Windsor Castle brochure in one hand.

For a split-second, I turned my head to see where the scarlet-clad men were.


That was the exact split-second that my sister snapped my photo. And here it was: my less-than-perfect photographic souvenir of having witnessed the Changing of the Guards at Windsor Castle back in 2007.

That's part of the majestic and historic St. George's Chapel in the background. It was forbidden to take photos inside any of the buildings in the castle grounds, so we committed the interior details to our feeble memories.

While inside, the grandeur of this chapel's Gothic design that has endured for centuries command you to be silenced with awe as you study the floors that lay beneath your feet.

When we went there, the Queen's flag was flying over the Round Tower, which meant that she was there at the time. Windsor Castle happens to be one of the official residences of Her Majesty The Queen.

Part of this royal tour was Queen Mary's Dolls' House Collection, which showcases what kind of dolls royalty preferred to play with back then. The intricate details of the miniature houses--from actual carpets and miniature furniture pieces--would make you think that they're dioramas of real castles. I was floored, to say the least!

Barbie would wish she existed in Queen Mary's time!

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Vlado&Toni said...

i was in london for 2 weeks this summer but did not have the time to see this (or other places9!! i was so tired from my classes - there's this one day I could have seen this but i chose sleep over sightseeing.. hahaha.. at least i could look at your pictures.. was browsing through your other post as well

Sidney said...

Hmmm...it looks like you look at that handsome man with the sunglasses !:-0

Glad "to meet" you !

AVCr8teur said...

You didn't try to catch up to them and snap again? Or, stand next to them in the guard post and try to make them laugh? I wonder if tourists still do that?

plaridel said...

ah, that picture brings back memories. i was there in 2008 and missed the changing of the guards all together. :(

Oman said...

picture-perfect :)

solid oak flooring said...

ahahaha those furry hats are WEIRD! also, why is that guy in the glasses just standing there?

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